Story Money Impact Presents Who the Hell Is Nigel?

Join us for a free virtual screening and panel discussion on #Deaf culture and #accessibility on April 14th. Register to watch the award-winning documentary Who the Hell is Nigel? + discussion with its talented filmmakers and stars.

Date: May 14, 2024

Time: 10 AM PT

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Story Money Impact presents a virtual screening of the documentary Who the Hell Is Nigel? plus a live panel discussion on Zoom. Watch the film at your convenience and join the conversation about Deaf culture and accessibility on April 14th. 

Your confirmation email contains the link to watch Who the Hell Is Nigel? and the link to join the Zoom discussion on April 14th.

If you’re unable to attend live, register anyway! Everyone who registers will receive a link to watch the film and discussion recording.


During the BC COVID-19 news briefings, an unwitting hero is made of Nigel Howard, a Deaf ASL interpreter who became an overnight sensation due to his dynamic interpretation style. Through his rise to fame, the underrepresentation of the Deaf community becomes glaringly evident. Who the Hell Is Nigel? is a Deaf-friendly film that spotlights the needs of the Deaf community and models how to fully include them: the film uses split screens to prioritize ASL over captioning, and interpreters’ facial expressions are visible to communicate emotional tone. These are just some of the small ways to prioritize the full inclusion and participation of Deaf people in every facet of society and its joys.


Nigel Howard works as an instructor at Douglas College in the Program of Sign Language Interpretation, and Child, Family and Community Studies (CFCS), and University of Victoria in the Department of Linguistics. He is on the Board of Editors for International Journal of Interpreter Education (IJIE) and is the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters’ (WASLI) North America Representative. Nigel provides presentations, workshops and training on varying topics/subjects around the world such as Interpreting in Medical Settings, Deaf Interpreter, Deafhood and Global Communities, interpreter professional development and so forth. Nigel has worked as a Deaf Interpreter for over 20 years, often in medical, mental health, legal, theatre, community, and conference settings – locally, nationally and internationally.

Ladan Sahraei is a pioneering Iranian-Canadian Deaf female filmmaker. As the first Deaf filmmaker in Iran, she has crafted numerous short films and directed two feature documentaries in Canada. Ladan’s exceptional work has garnered awards and recognition. With a deep passion for filmmaking, she actively supports the visual and performing arts, painting, and disability representation in film. Ladan’s love for creating films and documentaries is boundless. She revels in globetrotting, exploring diverse cultures, and connecting with people from around the world.

Catherine Bennett is the Principal at the BC School for the Deaf and she is a dedicated professional with a strong commitment to advocating for ASL/Deaf education and promoting inclusivity within Deaf and American Sign Language communities. With a background rooted in bilingualism and literacy, she has pursued academic qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts, a Master of Arts in Deaf and ASL Education, and an Education Specialist in Change Leadership in Deaf Education. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Catherine brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of Bilingual Education. Catherine’s dedication to advocacy, combined with her professional expertise, uniquely areas her to support and empower others within the Deaf and ASL communities. She continues to strive for equity and accessibility, promoting opportunities for all individuals within these communities.

Nigel Edwards is a multi-faceted filmmaker known for his captivating and thought-provoking films. Having graduated from Capilano University’s film program he uses a philosophy-infused approach, blending directing, mixed media, and sound design to explore the depths of the human experience. His work spans commercials, music videos, documentaries, and short films, earning him accolades like Best Documentary at the Seattle Deaf Film Festival. These experiences continue to lead Nigel to travel internationally developing projects that reflect his ephemeral yet timeless style of filmmaking.

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