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Our Mission

Deaf Youth HUB is a centre of resources for Deaf and hard of hearing youth who are exploring education and employment.

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  • Financial Literacy 2 Course Out Now!

    We’ve released a course about financial literacy for people who want to learn more about things like credit cards and loans, doing basic taxes, using common financial forms and what your financial rights are. Start the course here!

Career Spotlights

Stories of Deaf people with different careers across Canada to inspire your career journey

High School Transition Planning

Are you graduating soon? Or you finished high school a while ago? Explore 8 pathways in this course.

Financial Literacy

Learn how to earn money, how to budget, how to save money, how to manage debt and how to invest & protect your money.

Latest Resources

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Outreach: What We Can Do For You

We host presentations about using Deaf Youth HUB in different settings and how you can benefit from using Deaf Youth HUB.

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