• Financial Literacy 2 Course Out Now!

    We’ve released a course about financial literacy for people who want to learn more about things like credit cards and loans, doing basic taxes, using common financial forms and what your financial rights are. Start the course here!

  • New Deaf Youth HUB Poster

    We put together a new poster highlighting everything Deaf Youth HUB has to offer. You can visit our poster page where you’ll find videos about what you can find on Deaf Youth HUB. At the end of the page you can download the poster for free. Check it out here!

  • Community Courses Update

    Our ASL community courses High School Transition Planning and Financial Literacy are on 258HUB now! You can take them any time at your own pace and no registration is required. While those courses are for youth, anyone can do those courses and share them as resources with everyone. Check them out!

  • Coming Soon: Career Spotlights

    We’ve been meeting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people across Canada about their experiences in their careers. Those career spotlights are about how they got started and how they overcame barriers at their jobs as Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Coming soon on Deaf Youth HUB!

  • A better Deaf Youth HUB for you

    After getting great feedback, we made some changes here to make your experience better. You can keep sending us feedback through our contact form and we’ll keep working on making Deaf Youth HUB the best it can be for everyone.

  • Other provinces’ resources now on Deaf Youth HUB!

    We are now sharing resources from other provinces now! View the new page here where you can view provinces.

    If you’re from other provinces and would like to share resources with us, you can!

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