Applying to Universities and Colleges in Ontario

Every year thousands of students apply for colleges and universities. Here are collections of links to colleges and universities throughout Ontario you can check out if you’re thinking of applying this year. Because application processes can vary for schools and programs, it’s important to carefully read the list of requirements and ensure you include everything for your application packages.

How To Apply

The links provided above are online portals that facilitate the application process between publicly funded post secondary institutions and students. After you decide on schools you’d like to attend, the next step is to create new accounts on OCAS or OUAC depending on whether your schools are colleges or universities. If you have a mix of both, you’ll need to open accounts on both.

How to Apply to an Ontario College

How to Apply to an Ontario University

After creating your accounts, each portal has its own set of instructions on what information to include. Generally, you’ll need:

  • Your transcripts from high school and other post secondary institutions if you previously attended
  • All sections in application forms to schools completed and verified
  • Payment for application processing fees to be included with your submissions

After that, you can check your accounts for acknowledgements from schools they have received your applications and if you have been accepted. Review important dates on each portal so you know when to expect responses.

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